Kham Meslien – Remix Contest

Remix Contest: Revisit the Spectres of “Fantomes Futurs” by Kham Meslien

Join the Remix Contest and revisit the groundbreaking album “Fantomes Futurs” by the renowned double bass player and composer Kham Meslien.

What’s at Stake:

  • Your Remix on the EP “Fantomes Electriques”: Your remix will be featured alongside tracks by prominent artists: Zenzile, Souleance, Paul Kendall, Chapelier Fou.
  • Release Date: The EP is set to be released at the end of September.
  • Distribution and Promotion: Benefit from the extensive distribution and promotion network, and join the Heavenly Sweetness family.
  • A copy of the original album on vinyl and invitations to one of Kham Meslien show.
  • Pick a song and submit your remix by July 21st to sweetnessheavenly @ ! We’ll pick winners early august.

Download Stems here

Listen to the original album Fantomes Futurs here.

Watch Kham performing live at Cosmo Jazz here.

Concours de Remix : Revisitez les Spectres de “Fantomes Futurs” de Kham Meslien

Participez au concours de remix de l’album iconoclaste “Fantomes Futurs” du contrebassiste et compositeur Kham Meslien.

À la clé :

  • Votre remix sur l’EP “Fantômes Electriques” : aux côtés de ceux de Zenzile, Souleance, Paul Kendall, Chapelier Fou, et bien d’autres.
  • Date de sortie : L’EP est prévu pour la fin septembre.
  • Distribution et promotion : Profitez du réseau de distribution et de promotion étendu de Heavenly Sweetness.
  • Un exemplaire de l’album original en vinyle et une invitation à voir Kham Meslien en concert près de chez vous.
  • Choisissez une composition e soumettez votre remix par email à sweetnessheavenly @ avant le 21 juillet !

Téléchargez les stems ici.

Ecoutez l’album original ici

Regardez le concert de Kham Meslien à Cosmo Jazz ici.

Rules: You claim being owner of all samples, audio excerpts, and hold rights to all material (except for original stems of Kham Meslien’s compositions) used in your remix. Heavenly Sweetness will be owner of master tapes, a head of agreement and due contract will be issued to sign. Heavenly Sweetness will be publisher of the remix, an agreement will be made on arrangement shares.