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A.T.’s Delight (Blue Note Reissue)

A.T.’s Delight (Blue Note Reissue)

Art Taylor fut l’un des plus productifs batteurs de jazz de la deuxième génération. Il a travaillé en studio avec Coleman Hawkins, Donald Byrd, John Coltrane et bien d’autres. Il n’a cependant sorti que cinq albums sous son propre nom, dont A.T’s Delight est le troisième. Carlos « Potato » Valdès aux congas, Wynton Kelly au piano et Paul Chambers à la basse l’accompagnent sur cet album délicieux. La rare reprise de « Syeeda’s Song Flute » du grand John Coltrane vaut le détour.

Although Art Taylor was one of the busiest modern second-generation jazz drummers, working in the studio with Coleman Hawkins, Donald Byrd, John Coltrane and many others, he only released five albums under his own name, of which A.T.’s Delight was the third. And a delight it is indeed, bright and percussive, and when conga player Carlos “Patato” Valdes joins Taylor and pianist Wynton Kelly and bassist Paul Chambers on three cuts (Thelonious Monk‘s “Epistrophy,” “Move” and a Taylor calypso-inflected original called “Cookoo and Fungi”), the rhythm pocket opens into a deep blue sea for the horn men (Stanley Turrentine on tenor sax and Dave Burns on trumpet). “Move” does exactly that, it moves, and at a blistering pace. Monk‘s “Epistrophy,” thanks in part to Valdes, reveals its rumba roots, and has never sounded brighter. The seldom-covered Coltrane composition “Syeeda’s Song Flute” seems likewise refreshed and revived. The lone Taylor original, the driving “Cookoo and Fungi,” is as sharp and alert is a kitten waking from a nap in the spring sun, and Taylor‘s drum solo is crisp, efficient and slides seamlessly into the calypso-informed main theme. A.T.’s Delight is a solid outing, with a wonderfully nervous but completely focused energy. (courtesy of  Steve Leggett, All Music Guide)