artist : ANDREW HILL

Release date : April 1st 2013
genres : JAZZ
format : LP VINYL
reference : HS079VL


1. "Pumpkin'" – 5:24
2. "Subterfuge" – 8:04
3. "Black Fire" – 6:56
4. "Cantarnos" – 5:42
5. "Tired Trade" – 5:51
6. "McNeil Island" – 2:58
7. "Land of Nod" – 5:48
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Black fire

Insanely Blue Note debut album  from Andrew Hill – edgey brilliance at its best, a lean, stripped-down session that has Hill playing with Joe Henderson, Richard Davis, and Roy Haynes – in a mode that’s somewhere between his own Smokestack album, and the stark modernism of Jackie McLean’s mid 60s “new thing” work. The whole set’s pretty darn great – one of the more mindblowing Blue Notes you’ll ever hope to buy – and tracks include “Pumpkin”, “Subterfuge”, “Cantarnos”, and “McNeil Island”. (courtesy of

Un premier album pour Blue Note, tout simplement monstrueux de la part d’Andrew Hill. Une session brillante où le jeune Hill croise le fer avec des pointures comme Joe Henderson, Richard Davis, ou Roy Haynes. Dans un style entre son album “Smokestack” et le modernisme “New thing” du Jackie McLean mid 60’s. L’ensemble est sacrément bon, un des albums Blue Note les plus époustouflant qu’il vous soit donner d’acheter. (courtesy of