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Cotonete – Remixes #1

Cotonete – Remixes #1

When Melik from “Heartbeat Vinyl” asked DJ Deep and Romain Poncet for a remix of Cotonete, he didn’t really anticipate that they would feel so inspired that they would come up with 7 different ones… and that all of them would be so good and unique.

On this first release of remixes, they literally blew his mind with their take on « Super Vilain Wants Love » taking the original to a all new level, blending afro druming, dubby bassline, and straight to the point key stabs… all based on original stems, but making them their own, it’s almost more reinterpratation than remix.

Even though it’s only February, this is a strong personal condender for remix of the year. « Layla » on the flip, flows nicely on the house side, with its soft and classy 303 bassline, and soothing vibe, perfect floor starter to a mature dancefloor.