Release date : November 23rd 2009
genres : JAZZ
format : LP ONLY
label : Blue Note / Heavenly Sweetness
reference : HS021


2- Triangle
3-Jack Rabbit
4- Mimosa
5- A jump ahead


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Inventions & Dimensions (Blue note reissue)

 Un album vraiment unique et indispensable du grand Herbie Hancok, composé autour de percussions latines. Accompagné du bassiste Paul Chambers et des deux percussionnistes Willie Bobo et Osvaldo « Chihuahua » Martinez, ces quatre grands jazzmen improvisent en studio pour une session live rare et groovy très libre. Plus aventureux que d’habitude, mais qui ne va jamais trop loin. Cet album contient notamment « succotash », « Triangle », et « mimosa ».

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A really unique record from Herbie Hancock — one that’s almost completely improvised over Latin percussion! The setup is quite spare — and quite different than Herbie’s other Blue Note work — and the group features improvised backgrounds by bassist Paul Chambers and 2 Latin percussionists, Willie Bobo and Osvaldo “Chihuahua” Martinez. Herbie only wrote simple sketches for the songs on the album, and most of the work on the tracks was done live, spontaneously, in the studio — creating a very free groove that never goes too far out, but which is far more adventurous than usual. All tracks are long, and titles include “Succotash”, “Triangle”, and “Mimosa” (courtesy of