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home » releases » Kham Meslien – Fantômes… Électriques (Remixes)
Kham Meslien – Fantômes… Électriques (Remixes)

Kham Meslien – Fantômes… Électriques (Remixes)

Out May 15th: Paul Kendall Remix

Double bass player turned leader, Kham has placed his double bass, a fine mix of power and gravity, at the center of a virtual band in which he occupies all the positions. Percussions struck on the wood of his imposing instrument, discrete brooms or rhythmic double bass have handed over their spells to the printed circuits of a looper. Looped, cadenced, each one was then replayed on itself, the time of several measures. The time for Kham to install the deep tone and the warmth of strings that resonate on the wood to become storytellers. A music with images where the vibrations blacken the first lines, impulse melodies and themes, then leave the solos the freedom to speak to write the following.


First remix out may 15th : A musician who usually works alone on the composition of his songs, Kham Meslien delivered three pieces, taken from his album Fantômes…Futurs, to the artistic creativity of four remixers.
Paul Kendall, musician, producer, avant-garde, explorer of electronic sounds. Chapelier Fou who, like Kham, likes to play and sample, mixing cables with acoustics. Souleance, the duo Soulist + Fulgeance which fuses beatmaking and organic instruments. Zenzile, a dub group that pushes its boundaries into electro.