artist : ANDREW HILL

Release date : November 23rd 2009
genres : JAZZ
format : LP only
label : Blue Note / Heavenly Sweetness
reference : HS025


1- Hey Hey
2- Lift every voices
3- Twol lullabies
4- Love Chant
5- Ghetto lights
6- Blue sparks
7- A tender tale
8- Drew's tune
9- Mother's mercy
10- Natural spirit
11- Such it is
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Lift Every Voice (Blue Note Reissue)

Une rare et belle session d’Andrew Hill, et l’un des classiques Blue Note de la collection « Jazz and voices ». Andrew Hill est ici entouré par Woody Shaw, Carlos Garnett, Richard Davis, and Freddie Waits le tout soutenu par un ensemble vocal très “spiritual”. Un album unique dans la veine de Max Roach et Billy Andrew enregistré sensiblement à la même époque.
inclus les titres “Ghetto Lights”, “Hey Hey”, “Two Lullabies”, et “Love Chant”.

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A rare and beautiful Andrew Hill session, and one of the classic Blue Note entries into the “jazz and voices” sound that the label pioneered with Donald Byrd and Eddie Gale. Hill leads a core jazz group that includes Woody Shaw, Carlos Garnett, Richard Davis, and Freddie Waits — and the group is backed by a vocal ensemble with a very spiritual vibe. The sound is a lot more hip than the Donald Byrd & Voices albums, and the playing of the core jazz group is very very soulful — along the lines of Hill’s Grass Roots album, which was also from the same period. The record’s similar to the Max Roach/Billy Harper vocal work around the same time, and titles include “Ghetto Lights”, “Hey Hey”, “Two Lullabies”, and “Love Chant”. A very unique album for Andrew Hill! (courtesy of