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Tropic Sons

Tropic Sons

“Tropic sons” est le single extrait de la réedition de l’album “Al Rahman!” et en Face B le remix du beatmaker qui monte, FULGEANCE

“Tropic sons” the single from  the “Al Rahman” reissue and a remix by the mighty beatmaker  FULGEANCE.

Rediscovered after fifteen years in the wilderness by the acid-jazz generation at the beginning of the 90s and covered by the English group Galliano, Doug Carn  has since then taken on cult status for the children of hip-hop and Coltrane. In the 70’s Doug Carn cuted 4 albums for the militant label Black Records. These 4 albums of political and spiritual jazz are a great critical and commercial success (in 1974, according to Billboard, Doug Carn sells more albums than either Dave Brubeck or Ramsey Lewis).

On the album “Al rahman” he experiments with a fusion of his Afro-American musical roots of gospel, soul and jazz with Islamic culture. The result is surprising, blending the emotional depth of Coltranian jazz and the smoothness of Californian soul like the  magnificent soul-jazz songs such as “Tropic Sons”.

The remix of “Suratal Ihklas” is done by FULGEANCE, a French beatmaker behind the projects like  Peter Digital Orchestra,  Connecticut and Soulance. Fulgeance delivers a rough hip hop, sliding on the side of Dabrye, Prefuse 73, Ammon Contact and new hip hop young producers. His last productions have been critically acclaimed by Gilles Peterson or Cosmo Baker. Fulgeance keeps the funkiness of the original and added some heavy banging hip hop beat.

Fulgeance said about the remix “I called that DOUG CARN remix “Smartbangin”(thanks Alex “Chase” Robinson from One Handed for that word, now I keep it!) because I tried to re compose that track “smart” and spiritually “jazz” in my way, but always dancing and bangin track at the same time.That’s how I could describe my style, sometimes I’m LOW CLUB, sometimes I’m SMARTBANGIN’ !! Doug Carn really inpired me with his soulfull voice, but I prefered to create another track, tryin to stay into a chopped soul hip hop. Long life to Heavenly Sweetness !