K.O.G feat. Ogunskele – Foriwah

Stream and download and preordre the album here : https://idol-io.ffm.to/foriwah

3rd Single Out July 4th
Format: Digital
OUT SEPT 13TH 2024

K.O.G (Kweku Of Ghana) is back with his second solo album produced by Guts recorded between Ghana & Sheffield (UK).

K.O.G carries back into the pulsing energetic tradition of highlife, fiery explosive blend of folk and dance culture.
Foriwah explores the complex relationship between love and the community, the plastic expectations of masculinity. Bearing rich hilife sounds and ever joyful frequencies and anthems vocal phrases , featuring one of the nations legendary singer, songwriter and ground breakers of the highlife genre OGUNSKELE (of 2TOFF) , who explodes with such mastery of story telling and vocal dexterity, bringing this sunshine number to a whole different brightness.

Taken from forthcoming album “Don’t Take My Soul” Out September 13th 2024

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