Anthony Joseph – New Album Out Now!

Anthony Joseph – “The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running for Their Lives”

Anthony Joseph’s new Jazz album, with a strong UK Jazz orientation




Anthony Joseph – Swing Praxis Single OUT now

Anthony Joseph‘s new single before the album release!


Check out the Official Lyric Video


Guts – Straight from the Decks, Vol. 2 – OUT NOW!

Go check out Guts‘ 2nd Finest Selection from his famous DJ Sets!

Listen / Order CD / LP


Blundetto – Gang Stories EP – OUT!

Blundetto‘s Original soundtrack of Deezer’s leading podcast

Gang Stories (Original Soundtrack of the Podcast Series) – Out Now on digital

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Anthony Joseph – New Single + Album Preorder!

Anthony Joseph announces a new album coming back to Jazz after his two-album-long Carribean journey.

“The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running for Their Lives” – Out May 7th


First single “Calling England Home” Available Now!

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First single from Guts’ compilation : Jobby Valente – Mi Moin Mi Ou

Guts‘ Straight from the Decks Vol. 2 is coming in April, but the first single is already available! Preorder/Listen: 🌴 PURA VIDA 🌴

Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo – New Single ‘Il Fait Beau Sous La Pluie’ ft. Djeuhdjoah & Lt Nicholson

Pat Kalla & le Super Mojo – Il Fait Beau Sous La Pluie ft Djeuhdjoah & Lt Nicholson Produced by GUTS New Single Available!

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Guts – Straight From the Decks, Vol. 2

Anthony Joseph – The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running for Their Lives

David Walters – Nocturne