System Olympia’s remix of Souleance’s Out Of Touch ft Kit Sebastian

Out now !!

in 2023, the adventurous duo of beatmakers and DJs presented us with their album “Beautiful,” a promise to capture the quintessence of beauty, that so subjective notion. We all appreciate what is beautiful, but everyone has their own definition, whether it is spiritual or physical: a meal with friends, a good record, a soothing landscape, a moment on the dancefloor. A new definition today: Souleance invites System Olympia, an iconic figure of the underground scene, at the crossroads of synth pop, italo disco, and RnB.

A DJ and producer, praised by the press and her peers (Pitchfork, DJ Harvey, Pete Tong, Mount Kimbie), and a talented remixer (Róisín Murphy, DJ Koze), she offers us her vibrant vision of “Out Of Touch”. The priestess of erotic-electro brings Kit Sebastian’s lyrics to life with electrifying sensuality. Her remix captures the game of seduction on the dance floor, blending boldness and restraint, with synthetic basslines and enchanting soundscapes that brush against us like a dance partner. Delicate whispers and dark funk give a taste of “je t’aime moi non plus,” between seduction and elusive desire. A sensual invitation to a hedonistic and synthetic romance, perfect for lovers of synth wave, italo disco, and proto house.

The full “Beautiful Remixes EP” will be released on September 20, 2024, featuring remixes by Poirier, System Olympia, Free The Robots, and Claude on Heavenly Sweetness.

Produced by System Olympia

Mixed by Valerio Vaudano

Mastered by Benjamin Joubert – Biduloscope

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