Gilles Peterson supports Anthony Joseph

Merci à Gilles Peterson qui a toujours soutenu les projets du label ! En écoute ici dans son émission du mercredi 6 septembre 2011 avec inclus le titre d’Anthony Joseph “Griot” tiré de son nouvel album “Rubber Orchestras”

Thank you to Gilles Peterson who has always supported the label ! Now playing here issue of Wednesday, September 6, 2011 included the title of Anthony Joseph “Griot” from his new album “Rubber Orchestra”

Depuis quelques semaines nous avons aussi des bons retours des Dj’s

In recent weeks we also have good feedback from DJs


Osunlade (us)  “always lovely music from heavenly sweetness..this is no exception..quality music!!”

Oliver Korthals (ger) “well done. Afro Beat with all it’s varieties. Leftfield Jazz, pure Afro Funk and straight ahead hypnotic sounds. Eclectic must be the word!”

Toshio Matsuura (Jp) “love whole album.very deep and quality! respect and will support!”

Emmet Hand (ire) “Love this lp, so much going on. Full support.”

Simon Harrison (uk)”class album”

Simbad (uk)”this is very good”

Javi Bayo (esp)”If it had been recorded on a micro label in the late 70s it would be on most collectors wants lists!!! I just hope people still appreciate the extraordinary quality of this album that should become an afro sounds classic. Off the scale!!”

Global SoulJah (esp / uk) “Anthony Joseph just gets better and better and coupled with an incendiary live show that makes him one of the leading lights in black music today. Excellent – full support.”

Ahel Leri (croa)”Great release. Hard to pick a favorite track. Full support.”











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