After Don Cherry, John Betsch Society, Raphael, a new reissue selected in the vinyl collection of HEAVENLY SWEETNESS. Once again, the label appears a forgotten album, which has passed the test of time so that it is rediscovered.

Solis Lacus is the first group of renowned Belgian pianist Michel HERR and a pioneer of electric jazz in the 70’s in europe. The group regularly shared the stage with Placebo, Marc Moulin’s cult band. There are even two musicians shared by both groups as well as the same sound and same groove so characteristic. Solis Lacus is the European counterpart to sound experimentations of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, or the best albums of the CTI label such as Freddie Hubbard. A new pearl of European jazz to rediscover as was the case with Placebo, Cortex, Michael Garrick catalog or MPS catalog

Release Date : May 18th 2012

Lp / CD & Digital 

Teaser Snippet





Osunlade “lovely lovely moment in sound!! thanks for the rediscovery”

Dj Kwak “A reissue of primary importance ..”

Up & Down radio “Another great find”

Nouvelle Vague “jazzy et groovy à souhait, de l’énergie à l’état pur !”

Soulist “Another great Reissue From Heavenly Sweetness.. A true revelation of Jazz music to discover and a wonderful album.. Merci Messieurs !!”

Groovy Sessions Radio Show “Love it. Great album”

psyche folk “that’s the kind of releases I am looking for. High quality jazz/jazz fusion with an open mind”

radiofonia “quite common, must say, but considering that Solis Lacus is from the 70’s, seems that it was a very innovative that time. anyway, a great music for radiofonia radio-station, that focuses on funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz music. good reissue. thanks!”





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