Artist : Guts
Album : Paraside for All
Release date : 23 mars 2012 (Lp, Cd, Digital)
Label : Heavenly Sweetness / Pura Vida

3rd album by famous French Beatmaker GUTS
A well known artist on the Hip Hop/ beatmaker scene worldwide. He released one album in UK on Wax ON record (DJ Ease from Nightmare on wax label)
Mastered by John Dent (Loud mastering)
Artwork by urban artist MAMBO + LP
with heavy cardboard and posters (500 exs only) + CD digisleeve

Troisième album du beatmaker français exilé aux baléares. On y retrouve toute la richesse musicale de l’univers de GUTS : des beats ciselés, des grooves imparables et une ambiance cinématique baignée de soleil.
Inclus le single “Laissez lucie faire” en playlist sur Radio Nova et compilé sur la Nova tunes 2.5

Listen to the teaser of the forthcoming GUTS album “Paradise for all”.

Dj’s Feedback
Soulist (What The Funk / Fr) “GUTS is Back … His Vision of Paradise in full of Sunshine and is really soft and smoove..”
Mathieu Schreyer ( “great thanks”
Oliver Korthals (byte fm /Ger) “One for the heads! Not a dancefloor filler but worth a listen … or one more! Free of any hip hop stereotype it is laidback”
Ahel Leri (Mutant disco /Croatia) “Lovely album. “Brand new revolution” is a track I will end up playing the most but love them all. and spohosticated. Good one!”

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