C’est avec beaucoup de joie que nous vous annonçons le retour de Blundetto avec son 3ème album (sortie le 18 avril en LP collector / Digital et le 28 avril en CD et LP standard). Découvrez le premier extrait de l’album “love me” (en free download pour 48H) ICI

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Titre “Love me” en écoute:
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Our man Blundetto is back with his third album “World of” (release date : April 18th on collector LP&digital / April 28th on CD and regular LP).
Discover the first song of the new album on free download (48h only) HERE

Preorder the album:
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Listen to the track “Love me”:
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  • Here is John Taylor from Streetheat -Casual Music a German -Dutch co-operation Record and Promotion Company.
    We regular vist and promote new and old releases to all ´´Dutch Radio Stations´´ for well over 100 labels, at the moment we are getting frequent requests from ´´Dutch Radio DJs about diverse recordings ´´ Blundetto ´´
    Although the record seems to be from 2011 there seems to be a lot of interest , I am very sure we could get a lot of airplay minutes with a little promotion and very important the requests are mainly coming from Major radio stations who of-course pay higher fees and from experience the online sales will go up considerable .
    If the record is available for licensing we would like to remix the master and release in Holland
    Our manager in Rotterdam Mr. Peter Boertje is so convinced that we could do a very good job with the radio promotion we could pay a small advance and I think you would see that with your online sales.
    I would appreciate it if someone could pls contact us regarding our request.

    Thank you.
    Kind Regards.
    John Taylor

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