women’s voices by blundetto & don camilo

Un nouveau podcast dédié aux chanteuses concocté par notre ami Blundetto accompagné de son fidéle acolyte Don Camilo.
A new podcast dedicated to female singers put together by our friend Blundetto with his faithful sidekick Don Camilo.


Women’s Voices Vol I Selected by Blundetto & Don Camillo

Mahalia Jackson “Summertime”
Cat Power “Hate”
Esther Philips “Try Me”
Ruth Brown “I Don’t Know”
Myriam Makeba “Quit It”
Olu Dara “If Only”
Brazilian Girl “L’Interprète”
Joya Landis “When the Lights Are Low”
Nina Simone “Plain Gold Ring”
Esther Philips “And I Love Him”
Major Lazer “Get Free”
Nagat “Ana Bashar El Bahr”
Portishead “the Rip”

Women’s Voices by Heavenly Sweetness

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