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Renowned for his effective ability to de-wrinkle even the stiffest of faces in a crowd, Pat Kalla is recognized as a natural propagator of potent and highly positive vibrations. Alongside his faithful band The Super Mojo, they now reveal their new and unsuspecting powerhouse of an album ‘Belle Terre’.
From the record’s opening the initial sounds are warm, comforting and pleasant, gradually coating the body to soul. Then, an airy africano-disco groove appears with spaced out kick drum hits, Pat’s vocals arrive, filling the space out beautifully.
Fans of Pat Kalla will know him as the voice of Voilàà, a storyteller of light yet serious tales, delivering them with a musical and playful conscience. Pat’s stories can be a mixture of philosophy, life and wisdom, looking upon the World and human relationships. Tales that can easily be understood – there’s no need for any title pages or pictures here.
“Can we dedicate ourselves to moments when we think of nothing, except being together? Can’t we dance in the mud and on the embers, even if not for long?”
Super Mojo are the best musical relaxant, should the words cease to be heard, they arrive showing us their organic instrumentation, vintage keyboards and Afro-Cuban pianos. Super Mojo’s work perfectly underlines these superb stories.
Highlife, Rumba, Biguine, Funk and Afrobeat are well known musical ingredients. On this record they are dosed in almost secret proportions, add to the pot some more essences coming from the Island of Reunion, The West Indies and mainland Africa. Harmonies from the duo Bonbon Vodou, feature on “Aimer”, the Creole sunshine of Olivia Victorin (Dowdelin) on “Rêve Danser”, and a melancholic moment from the Franco-Congolese Rebecca M’Boungou (Kolinga) on “Rivière”. All these artists knew exactly how to touch the heart and sensitivity of Pat, talking about love while embarking on a dreamlike journey, evoking the spirits of their ancestors.

Directed by Guts, ‘Belle Terre’, this 3rd album by Pat Kalla and his Super Mojo, may cause some psychedelic disturbances in the most receptive subjects. If so, the full potential has been unleashed. Expect the most unexpected.