K.O.G – new album ‘Zone 6, Agege’ out now!

Cover Zone 6, Agege by K.O.G

First K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) solo album “Zone 6, Agege” produced by Tom Excell and GUTS


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Laurent Bardainne & Tigre d’Eau Douce – ‘Hymne au Soleil’ new album out!

Cover Hymne au Soleil by Laurent Bardainne & Tigre d'Eau Douce

French saxophonist Laurent Bardainne summons the spirit of astral jazz on heavy-grooving new album, “Hymne au Soleil”.


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Edmony Krater – New Mawonaj EP out!

The trumpet player, percussionist and singer from Guadeloupe, Edmony Krater, delivers an EP of unreleased tracks and remixes by Olivier Portal (Playin’ 4 the city) and the album producer Live I.


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Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo – Président EP Out Now!

Artwork President EP

New EP “Président” with Bosq and Voilaaa remixes by Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo out!


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Bardainne Jaumet EP out now!

Cover Bardainne Jaumet EP

New “Bardainne Jaumet” EP


Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo – Le Pornographe New Single Out

New single “Le Pornographe” (Georges Brassens Cover) by Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo out!


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Anthony Joseph – Calling England home – Lvie At New Beacon Books

First video from Anthony Joseph’s Session at New Beacon Books store is available!

Calling England Home


Shot in the home of British Black Literature

Celia Wa – Wastral

Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo – Hymne à la vie

Anthony Joseph – The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running for Their Lives