Kassav’ 40th anniversary – Brand new vinyl reissue on vinyl

Who hasn’t retained at least one memory of the group Kassav’ from their youth? For whether in concert, or on the radio or TV, the image of Kassav’ remains vivid in the minds of listeners and spectators. The group, founded in 1979 by Jacob Desvarieux, Georges and Pierre-Edouard Décimus, has become legendary, putting Guadeloupe and Martinique on the musical map of the world. Touring the world with zouk, a musical movement introduced and popularized by Kassav’, their albums have repeatedly been rewarded with both gold and platinum discs.

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Notre nouvelle compilation “Digital Zandoli” vient de sortir aujourd’hui ! Une sélection de 12 titres Funk/Boogie/Zouk parfaits pour le Dancefloor en provenance des Antilles choisis par les seuls et uniques Achard Julien (diggersdigest.com) et Nico Skliris !

Soyez prêt à montrer votre meilleur déhanché tout

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