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Cover Beach Diggin' 4Pour ce quatrième volume, le duo Guts et Mambo a quitté sa zone de prédilection de Trinidad et Tobago pour aller plonger du côté de la Jamaïque, rejoindre les côtes brésiliennes pour traverser le pays d’Est en Ouest et arriver au Pérou. Franchir le Pacifique afin d’atteindre le Japon, glisser jusqu’en Australie puis mettre les voiles vers l’Afrique du Sud. Longer le continent, passer par la Tunisie pour, enfin, finir sa sélection par la France.
Sortie vinyl prévu mi-septembre
Disponible dès maintenant en digital, choisissez votre plateforme avec ce lien :
For the fourth edition, the duo Guts and Mambo left behind their perennial favorite, Trinidad and Tobago, and headed for Jamaica and Brazil, trekked across South America to Peru, navigated across the Pacific to Japan, down to Australia, and then set sail for South Africa, went overland up to Tunisia, and finally put down their bags in France.
Vinyl out mid-september 
Available Now in digital, choose your platform with this link:

5 comments to BEACH DIGGIN’ 4 : Pre-Order Now !

  • Felix

    I bought beach diggin 4 on vinyl and love is almost as much as vol 1, but very disappointed that the English song descriptions in the inlay are accidentally taken from vol 3. Anyhow, keep on diggin’

    • heavenly

      Hi Felix!
      This was such a mess… We realised this after the pressing of the compilation…
      We can send you a pdf document with the real liners note if you wish :)

  • I found out that it is hard to find by language. For Japanese, I have to manually add &aJme;=ja_pP to the address. Please add back being able to choose the region and category :)

  • Tom

    great stuff, fantastic compilation!
    i got part 3 and 4. i would like to share with friends this fantastic music.
    they dont use turntable, i need digiltal. gota a code to download but forgive me i dont now where to enter.
    plis help:)


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