New single of Blundetto “Warm my soul” with Jamaican SingerCourtney John.
The strongest track of the new album. On the B side, unreleased original reggae version of the song.

Release Date : March 23th  (Digital & 12inch)

Dj’s Feedbacks:

Alex From Tokyo “My favorite song of the moment , superbe”
Philgood “I know you got soul !”
Mathieu Schreyer “superbe”
Ahel Leri “Lovely track. Just in time for summer. Prefere longer version.”
Gerald Scheiber  “nice mood, t2 is nice”
Jazz & Milk Recordings Dusty “Amazing vibe and super smooth production!”
René Josquin “The album generally gets stronger with each listen. This is just a great reminder for the bigger picture.”
Soulist Alex “Inspired and Great Interpration By Courtney John .. Blundetto keeps always the good vibe with this single!!”
Audio Texture “Great track from a great album”
Alex  Kenning “amazing tune!”
Michael Ruetten “warming my soul.”
Uwe Reuß “soulful reggae – like it very much”
Chris Nicholson “Love the reggae vibes here!  Perfect for sunny day sets or closing time.  The title track is almost haunting.  I dig it!”
Michael Stukes “Warm & soothing…”
Huw Ellis “infectious jam – haunting almost. lovely stuff”
Amar Kabouche “Always love it blundetto”

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