Please find the second Heavenly Sweetness Sampler. This new compilation presents the last releases of the label, some news from the forthcoming projects (Blundetto!!, “Diggin the blogosphere” compilation) and some unreleased songs ( Anthony Joseph!, Raphael remix). We start with one song taken from Robert Aaron’s album. We love so much this album which didn’t have the success it deserved. Then there are 2 songs by Rongetz foundation, one song from “Broken beat doll” and the remix of Eddie Jefferson’s classics by Patchworks. We are pleased to introduce to (most of) you GUTS, a great artist which will be part of the “Digging the blogosphere” compilation. It will present the best songs we found recently on the worldwide net (blogs, sites etc) and we ope that will put a spot light on many indie and gifted artists.
We are proud to have the exclusive new track of Blundetto, a great cover of “Hercules”, check the new album “Warm my soul” to be released soon. Another Blundetto’s track is the remix of hit single “voices” by keyboard maestro General Elektricks (from Quannum fame). The reissue of the obscure Raphael album was one of the good surprise of the year. We had amazing reactions on this album. Please find “Dead sea scroll” and for the first time the remix of this song by a brand new artist called Emmanuel Trep Kormann. Last but not least, Anthony joseph, with 2 tracks, the dancefloor groover “Started off as a dancer” taken from his last album “Rubber Orchestras” and an unrealeased song “Dalston bossa”, Exclusive!.


Release date: Jan 6, 2012 (Digital Only) via Finetunes



favorite track: Dead sea scroll
Great music on this Heavenly Sweetness new comp. On air!
René Josquin
We Are… On Air!
Berlin, Germany

favorite track: RIP with John Coltrane
Heavenly Sweetness. The name is simply correct. This is honestly one of the most interesting leftfield labels around. WE ARE… in love!
Robert Lochmann
Jazz 91.8, The Jazzmadass Radioshow, Salt Peanuts
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

favorite track: Flow like a river
all tracks are great.
Frank Dubya
Shook Mag
Glasgow, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

favorite track: What is love ?
A brilliant departure point for those unfamiliar with the angel spun goodness of Heavenly Sweetness!
Jeremy Sole
Los Angeles, United States of America

favorite track: Hercules
Beautiful and brilliant music, as expected from Heavenly Sweetness.
Audio Texture
Global SoulJah & BBE Records radio show
Barcelona, Spain
favorite track: Flow like a river
What a great selection of music from a great catalogue, looking forward to 2012’s releases!
jean-philippe guyon
lyon, France
favorite track: Flow like a river
petit à petit le catalogue fait son nid
longue vie longue vie les amis
Emmet Hand
Up & Down radio
Dublin, Ireland
favorite track: Dead sea scrool (Emmanuel Trep Kormann Spiritual Dust Remix)
Love the Raphael remix. Best remix this year.
Toshio Matsuura
Tokyo, Japan
favorite track: Dalston Bossa
always very good music from Heavenly Sweetness.love it.

june misserey
radio / dj’ing / mixtape
besancon, France

favorite track: Hercules
Another nice collection. Plenty of dope music. Best french label in this nowadays field, nuff said !

Released by: heavenly sweetness
Release date: Jan 6, 2012

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