David Walters – New ‘Bow Down’ EP out now!

New ‘Bow Down’ EP by David Walters out on digital now! 🍉 ☀️

Stream & Download / Pre-order 12″ vinyl

12″ Vinyl available in September

Following the success of his “Soleil Kréyol” and after the intimist interlude “Nocturne”. David has, this time, collaborated with of the most tropical of English producers: Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist, K.O.G, ONIPA…). 
In three sessions at Tom Excell and David built these 4 tracks. As always with David, everything is played – the Rhodes as well as the percussion, the bass as well as the drums – before being sampled. Even the electronic rhythms are sampled on the hi-hat or cymbal. That’ s why this organic sound is the signature, the trademark of these first 4 tracks!

As a bonus, the great remix of “No One” by the American producer and DJ Captain Planet. 

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