“We shot this video in Belmont, St James, and downtown near the Red House and the Halls of Justice in Port of Spain.

The concept was simple. We wanted to show the degrees of bandit education, too show how bandits could come in all forms and guises. 
The Midnight Robber (played by Damien Whiskey) is a traditional Carnival character which draws on the West African Griot tradition, as well as the Western/Mexican Bandito iconography 
to create a surreal and macabre orator who in carnivals of long ago, would recite long, complex verses which celebrated their prowess and fearsomeness. These speeches are, in a way, the original battle rhymes. 
In the video the Robber represents the king of bandits, lecturing in corruption, extortion, money laundering, robbery and kidnapping. 

The suave, uptown, political bandit – Anthony – wears a suit, the downtown bandits – 3 Canal – cover their faces.”

Anthony Joseph – Bandit School feat 3 Canal (Official Video)


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